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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Advertising Your Items

As a photographer, I often order bows to use in shoots. Sure, I make bows, too, but when you see something cute, you just have to have it. As a buyer, a seller, and a crafter, nothing irks me more than getting a package and having no idea where it came from. The return address is a person's name, not a shop name, and there's nothing in the package indicating who sent it. And have you seen how many shops there are on Facebook alone? Trying to remember just where I got something is hard to do.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make sure your shop name is remembered!

  1. Invest in ink for your printer. You can print out a simple sheet that has 4 'cards' on it simply saying, "Thank you for your order, from !", or how about "Enjoy your new from !" Get some card stock, print it up, cut it up, and insert one in each package you send out.
  2. Put your stamp collection to use, and buy unlined index cards. Stamp em up, leave space for a personally written message, and again, include them in each package.
  3. Visit VistaPrint and pick up inexpensive business cards or post cards with your logo, your shop name, your web address, etsy page, etc. Put one in each mail out!
  4. For those of you who also participate in craft shows, here's another tip. Cut two slits into each card, and snap your alligator clip into it. Or, get a "ribbon" hole punch- it punches out two side by side slits, perfect for slipping the alligator clip on. Most craft stores have punches in the scrapbooking section, but I found mine for just $.39 (cents! Yes, cents!) at an outlet store, and they're the long handled kind like the old fashioned hole punches teachers use.
Right now, Vista Print is running a deal. Order 250 business cards for free- just pay shipping. I just ordered some tonight for my shop. Now, a few days ago, I took the time to design really cute, Halloween-centric cards. They were $5.99 for just 25 cards through Vista Print. I opted to hold off, and not get them. Boy am I glad! The cards for free do not allow you to customize them, but for free, who can complain? They have a lot of templates to choose from. Just plug in the information you want, and click order. I selected the cheapest version of shipping (21+ days- but, as a hint, I always do that, and sometimes, I have had my items in less than a week, and I have NEVER waited 21 full days for a shipment!) and paid $5.67 for 250 business cards. It goes up from there.

Tips on information to include:
Name of your shop
Facebook address page of the shop you run
Email address
Your name
Small blurb about what you sell

I would hesitate to include a phone number or address, unless you deal primarily with off-line orders. I, myself, do not include a phone number or mailing address.

Good luck, and happy "bowtiqueing"!

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