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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Unique Baskets Product Review

Over the past few weeks, I've been in contact with Karen from My Unique Baskets. Karen works primarily in plastic canvas (which totally brings me back to when I was about 12, and wanted to do something cool with plastic canvas, and ended up with something... horrible...), and crocheting. Both are skills I just don't possess, so I was more than happy to review these items.

Let's just start off by saying that me and crocheting? Well, if it moves beyond a basic chain, I'm lost.  The package I received included 3 items to review- technically 4 since one item was a 2 parter.

First and foremost, I'll start with the bow holder. Anyone who buys or sells bows has seen bow holders galore- I've seen tutus, I've seen boxes, picture frames, wooden animals, and so much more, but this one was a first for me.

The holder is small, and suitable for a small space. The shape is a heart with the middle cut out, and has a long yarn braid hanging from it, with a little bow attached. This would be a great one for all the little clippies. It's light weight, the stitching on it is impeccable, with the ends all tied nice and neat, and there is a small loop on the back for hanging the holder up.

Also in the package was a pair of crocheted flower snap clips. These flowers are roughly the size of a quarter, and are well stitched. They are dainty enough that most women would feel comfortable wearing them- I know that while I have nothing against wearing a big flower, not all women want a bow or flower in their hair. These clips are well made, dainty, and cute. I love the bright raspberry color of the flower, which matches the snap clips as well.

Last up in the package is a bun holder- this is larger, measuring 3.5" wide by 3" tall. The holder is diamond shaped, and has a crocheted rosette in the middle, with a small bow peeking out from the sides, and bead "pearls" hanging down. This bun holder, like the bow holder, was well made, all the stitches are nice and neat, and tucked away.

The bun holder has two slits in it, and a coordinating, painted Popsicle stick that slides into place. The stick was painted a nice pink to match, and feels like it was coated with clear coat acrylic to seal the paint. The nice thing about this? If you misplace the stick, they are easily replaced.

All in all, Karen makes some fantastic items, and her prices are not bad, either. According to her Etsy page, her Bun Holders are between $3-$3.50. 

She also has some ADORABLE Halloween items available in her shop right now, including:

She has those little candle cozies in lots of different colors and themes, but I'm totally a sucker for Halloween, and love that one! They slide around those little glass jar candles nice and neat.

Karen not only has a Facebook & Etsy shop, she also has a brick and mortar shop. If you are in the Fontana, CA area, you can find her shop at 9481 Sierra Ave, where she also sells gift baskets!

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